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A: Architecture Terms Starting With A

From our Architecture Dictionary, find definitions for architecture terms and building vocabulary starting with the letter A, including Adaptive Reuse, Antebellum, Arts & Crafts, and more.

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Adaptive Reuse
What Is "Adaptive Reuse"? Find definitions for Adaptive Reuse, with examples, in our Architecture Dictionary.

What is Adobe? Find definitions for the term Adobe, with links to resources for learning more about Adobe architecture.

Antebellum is not a style but a period of history that encompassed several styles. Find definitions for Antebellum architecture with photos and examples.

An architect does so much more than design buildings. Find out what architects do, and the qualifications required to be an architect.

The word Architectural has taken on many meanings. Here are definitions, links, quotes, and resources.

What is architecture? The answer might surprise you. Find definitions for the word "architecture" and learn how architecture is understood by famous architects.

In Classical architecture, the architrave is lowest part of an entablature. Learn about the architrave and related building parts found in Classical architecture.

Art Deco
Learn about Art Deco architecture and find examples and definitions of Art Deco design.

Art Moderne
Learn about Art Moderne architecture, see photos of Art Moderne buildings, and find resources for Art Moderne design.

Art Nouveau
Find definitions for the terms Art Nouveau and Jugendstil architecture and information about related architectural styles.

Arts & Crafts
Find definitions for the term Arts & Crafts as it is used in architecture. Also see photos of Arts & Crafts architecture and find resources for learning more about Arts & Crafts design.

Austin Stone
Find definitions for Austin Stone and learn how Austin Stone is used in architecture and home design.

A word invented by visionary architect Paolo Soleri, arcology describe architecture's relationship with ecology. Find out more about arcology, Soleri, and Arcosanti.

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