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20th Century Trends in Architecture

Modernism was not just another style -- It presented a new way of thinking. These resources from Jackie Craven define the most important ideas that influenced architectural design in the twentieth century. They explore Art Moderne and the Bauhaus school coined by Walter Gropius, and move through Deconstructivism, Formalism, Modernism, Structuralism and Postmodernism.

Picture Dictionary of Modern Architecture
Modernism was not just another style - It presented a new way of thinking about architecture. These photos illustrate modernist approaches to building design. Click on the pictures for facts and definitions.

Top 10 Buildings of the Modern Era
The 1900s saw radical transitions in building design. Here are photos, links, and resources for a few of the most significant buildings of the twentieth century.

Modern and Postmodern Houses
The Modern and Postmodern houses in these pictures illustrate bold new ideas in home design. Browse the photos to find out innovative approaches by famous architects.

Sunnylands, 1966
Built in 1966 by A. Quincy Jones, the Annenberg's winter residence at Sunnylands is a fine example of modern contemporary architecture.

Architecture in Palm Springs, California
Palm Springs is a showplace of mid-century modernism, with Bauhaus ideas combined with new approaches for home design. Learn about the modernist architecture of Palm Springs, California.

Mid-Twentieth Century Home Styles
Millions of homes were built in the U.S. during the great expansion of the American middle class. Here's your guide to house styles, from Post-Depression to Contemporary Folk.

Book Review: The Phaidon Atlas of 20th-Century World Architecture
Learn more about 20th century structures throughout the world in this monumental book by Phaidon Press.

Frank Gehry Playboy Interview
The Playboy magazine interview with Frank Gehry offers valuable insights into the mind and creativity of one of the most important architects of modern times. Read excepts here.

Top Ten Trends in Home Design
Homes of the future are likely to incorporate these important ideas and approaches.

Mies van der Rohe Said...
Architect Mies van der Rohe expressed the spirit of modernism when he said, "Less is more." Find more famous quotations by Mies van der Rohe.

What is Organic Architecture?
Frank Lloyd Wright was one of many architects to explore principles of organic design. Learn about Organic Architecture from our Architecture Glossary.

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