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Dome of the Rock - Sacred Architecture in Jerusalem
With its golden dome, the Dome of the Rock at al-Aqsa Mosque is one of the oldest surviving examples of Islamic architecture. Built between 685 and 691 by the ...
Sacred Buildings - Architecture - About.com
In this photo gallery you will find pictures and descriptions of sacred buildings. Shown here: Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca, Morocco.
Wonders of the World - Architecture - About.com
The splendor of Timbuktu is reflected today in Timbuktu's fascinating Islamic architecture. The mosques were important in the spread of Islam into Africa, and the ...
Parts of Islamic Mosque Architecture - About.com Islam
While there is a lot of variation in Islamic mosque architecture, there are some parts of a mosque that are universal.
What Is a Mihrab in Islamic Mosque Architecture? - About.com Islam
An ornamental indentation in the wall of a mosque, which marks the direction of the qiblah. Mihrabs vary in size and color, but are usually shaped like a doorway  ...
Minaret - Mosque Architecture Definition - About.com Islam
In modern times, microphones and speakers are often used to project the adhan, but minarets remain a common element in Islamic mosque architecture ...
What Is a Minbar in Islamic Mosque Architecture? - About.com Islam
In modern times, microphones are also used for this purpose. The traditional minbar is a common element of Islamic mosque architecture throughout the world .
Islamic Glossary: Qiblah - About.com Islam
The Ka'aba is a capital and focal point of the entire Muslim world. ... qiblah · Mosque Architecture · Mihrab · How to Find the Qiblah from Anywhere in the World ...
Islam - Mosques & "Holy" Places - About.com Islam
Mosques and other "holy" places in the Muslim world, including Mecca, Madinah, and Jerusalem. Learn about mosque architecture, and search for a mosque ...
What Is the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, Qatar? - Middle East ...
"It seemed to me that I had to grasp the essence of Islamic architecture. The difficulty of my task is that Islamic culture is so diverse, ranging from Iberia to Mughal ...
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