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House Styles - Architecture - About.com
What style is your house? Browse our photo gallery for the most popular housing styles and types in North America. Click on the pictures below for larger images ...
American Home Styles, 1600 to Today - Architecture - About.com
American Colonial House Styles. 1600s - 1800. When North America was colonized by the Europeans, settlers brought building traditions from many different ...
Neoeclectic House Styles - Architecture - About.com
Can't figure out the style of your house? Maybe it's "neoeclectic." Learn about neo -eclectic housing.
Favorite House Styles - Architecture - About.com
The results are in! Here are your favorite house styles according to our Dream House Survey. Find facts and photos for the all-time winners, and be sure to vote  ...
Victorian Period Architecture (1840-1900) - About.com
You know your house is a Victorian...but, what style is it? This handy guide to Victorian house styles has facts and photos.
Colonial American House Styles Guide, 1600 - 1800 - Architecture
The pilgrims weren't the only people to settle in what we now call Colonial America. Between 1600 and 1800, men and women poured in from many parts of the ...
Modern House Styles - Architecture - About.com
"Modern" is a general term that can describe many different house styles. When we describe a house as modern, we are saying that the design is not based ...
French House Styles - Architecture Inspired by France
Use this handy guide to see if your house has characteristics of charming styles borrowed from France. Take a photo tour of French styles in America.
House Styles - Architecture - About.com
The young new country embraced and re-invented European Georgian architecture. Learn how to identify the Georgian Colonial houses.
Federal and Adam House Styles - Architecture - About.com
Do you live in a Federalist house? Learn how to identify Federal and Adam house styles and explore the history of American Federalist architecture.
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