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House Styles - Architecture - About.com
Photo of a Colonial Cape Cod house with resources for learning about the popular Cape Cod style.
American Home Styles & Residential Architecture Since 1600
American Colonial House Styles. 1600s - 1800. When North America was colonized by the Europeans, settlers brought building traditions from many different ...
Colonial Revival House Styles - Architecture - About.com
Is your home a Colonial Revival? Learn how to identify Colonial Revival house styles and see photos.
House Styles - Architecture - About.com
Learn how to recognize a Neocolonial, Neo-Colonial, or Builder's Colonial style house. Find photos, facts, and resources for modern-day "colonial" architectural ...
Favorite House Styles - Architecture - About.com
Here are your favorite house styles according to our Dream House Survey. Find facts and photos for the all-time winners, and be sure to vote on your own ...
Victorian House Styles - Architecture - About.com
You know your house is a Victorian...but, what style is it? This handy guide to Victorian house styles has facts and photos.
Guides to House Styles and Architectural Styles - Architecture
These handy guides will give you the tools you need to identify house styles and architectural trends in North America.
Neoeclectic House Styles - Architecture - About.com
Can't figure out the style of your house? Maybe it's "neoeclectic." Learn about neo -eclectic housing.
Federal and Adam House Styles - Architecture - About.com
Do you live in a Federalist house? Learn how to identify Federal and Adam house styles and explore the history of American Federalist architecture.
Colonial American House Styles Guide, 1600 - 1800 - Architecture
Look for features of these early American house styles: Stanley-Whitman House in Farmington, Connecticut, circa 1720 - Stanley-Whitman House.
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