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Pictures and History of Gothic Revival Architecture
Join us for a photo tour of Gothic Revival architecture in England and the United States.
Romantic Gothic Revival - Architecture - About.com
Most Gothic Revival homes in the 1800s were romantic adaptations of medieval architecture. Delicate wooden ornaments and other decorative details ...
Masonry Gothic Revival House - Architecture - About.com
Photo of the Gothic Revival Lyndhurst in Tarrytown, New York with resources for ... New York is a landmark example of Gothic Revival architecture - Photo.
Neo-Gothic Architecture - The Neo-Gothic Tribune Tower in Chicago
Gothic Revival was a Victorian style inspired by Gothic cathedrals and other medieval architecture. In the early twentieth century, Gothic Revival ideas were ...
High Victorian Gothic Revival - Architecture - About.com
The 19th century buildings, called High Gothic Revival, High Victorian Gothic, or Neo-Gothic, were closely modeled after the great architecture of medieval ...
Gothic Revival Farmhouses - Architecture - About.com
Even modest wooden farmhouses can have fanciful Gothic Revival details. ... ( 1815-1852) and Lyndhurst architect Alexander Jackson Davis captured the ...
Victorian Gothic Revival Architecture - Lyndhurst in Tarrytown New ...
Gothic ideas never completely vanished. During the nineteenth century, builders created an eclectic Victorian style and Gothic Revival was born.
Wood-Framed Gothic Revival House - Architecture - About.com
Photo of a wood-framed Gothic Revival home with links to information about Victorian Gothic Revival and Carpenter Gothic architecture.
Brick Gothic Revival - Architecture - About.com
During the 1800s in the U.S., many Victorian era stone and brick homes had Gothic Revival details.
History of the Gothic Revival Style Home Video
Hi, I'm Fred Abler, Graduate Architect and CEO of FormFonts.com. I'm here today for About.com to talk with you about the characteristics of Gothic Revival style ...
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