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Historic Building Materials and Features - Architecture - About.com
Although brick or wood frame buildings are the most common in this country, similar sets of characteristics and questions can be established for examining log , ...
Build the House You Want and Can Afford - Architecture - About.com
Save on Building Costs. Keep costs in perspective; $10 a thousand more for brick you like better translates into only $100 more when 10,000 bricks (a typical ...
Learn more about endangered post office buildings - Architecture
Our gallery of Post Office Buildings in the U.S. showcases nearly twenty of .... Brick, stone, and etched glass details on Back Bay building, Boston, Massachusetts.
Butabu: West African Adobe Mud Brick Buildings - Archaeology
A photo essay of "Butabu", the complex adobe mud brick structures built in the Sahel region of western Africa over the past several hundred years, taken by ...
Astoria, Queens: Neighborhood Photos, Brick Apartment Building
Astoria is beautiful with brick apartment buildings. The detail work on the facade of this pre-war building is unfortunately not common on recent construction.
Historic 1916 Post Office in Miles City, Montana - Architecture
This federal building in Miles City, Montana offers architecture of simple dignity ... Photograph of brick building, with four symetric Palladian windows on the first ...
Federal Architecture in Middlebury, Vermont - About.com
Photograph of ordinary brick postal building, 12-over-12 windows, small classical ... The "mundane" architecture is typical of small, local, government buildings ...
What is a Quoin? Architecture Glossary of Terms
Quoin has come to be known as the accentuation of a building's corner with short side header bricks or stone blocks and long side stretcher bricks or stone ...
House Style - Brick Home in Massachusetts - Architecture - About.com
Can you name the style of this brick home in Massachussets? Photo and ... Beautiful Brick. The Mystery ... See More About: colonial architecture · brick buildings.
Photo Steps to Building a New House - Adding Brick Details
Once most of the inside was finished, the builders added finishing touches to the outside. A brick facade was installed on some of the exterior walls.
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