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Arts and Crafts House Style - Architecture - About.com
Inspired by the British Arts & Crafts movement, American Craftsman houses came in many shapes and forms. Learn about Arts and Crafts and Craftsman ...
Arts and Crafts Architecture - About.com
Arts and Crafts was a late 19th-century movement to revive handicrafts. Arts and Crafts architecture sought a spiritual connection with the surrounding ...
Architecture Timeline - Historic Periods and Styles
From Prehistoric to Postmodern, a whirlwind tour of architecture in the Western world, with links to historic styles and great buildings / structures.
Ancient Maya Architecture - Temples and Palaces
The Ancient Maya were talented builders whose temples and palaces are still standing thousands of years after being constructed.
Book Excerpt - Africana: The Encyclopedia of the African and African ...
For some the term designates a largely racial phenomenon, describing all artistic products—paintings, sculptures, graphic arts, crafts, architecture, etc.—created ...

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