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Architecture in the Middle East - About.com
Located in the cradle of civilization, the Middle East is home to historic temples and mosques, exquisite mosaics, and innovative modern construction. Countries  ...
Architecture in the Middle East - About.com
Some of the world's most wonderful architecture landmarks are located in the Middle East. Here are highlights.
Ancient Near & Middle East - Architecture in Iraq, Mesopotamia ...
Find facts and photos for the art and architecture of ancient Iraq and other countries in the Near and Middle East, including great buildings in these ancient  ...
Dome of the Rock - Sacred Architecture in Jerusalem
Great Domes Around the World · Architecture in the Middle East · Pendentive Engineering Illustrated ... What's What and Who's Who in the Architecture World.
Parts of Islamic Mosque Architecture - About.com
While there is a lot of variation in Islamic mosque architecture, there are ... Many mosques are decorated with a dome rooftop, particularly in the Middle East.
Great Buildings and Structures - Facts & Photos - Architecture
Master index of resources for learning about famous architecture, including ... for must-see buildings in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, the United Kingdom, Africa ...
Architecture in Iraq - Photos of Architecture in Iraq - Iraqi Treasures
Historic Periods · Ancient World - Great Architecture from 3000 BC to 1000 AD · Ancient Near & Middle East - Iraq, Mesopotamia, Nippur, Ur, and Beyond ...
Architecture in India - Architecture for Travelers to India
From the Ajanta caves to the Taj Mahal, the architecture of India is rich and varied . ... and Structures · Architecture Destinations · Architecture in the Middle East ...
Saddam Hussein's Babylonian Palace - Architecture - About.com
Our Expert Recommends. Treasures of Iraq · Saddam's Architecture · Architecture in the Middle East · History of Babylonia · King Nebuchadnezzar II · Saddam ...
Mid-Century (1930-1965) Homes: A Guide - Architecture - About.com
Architecture is a picture book of economic and social history. The rise of America's middle class during the mid-20th century can be traced in the movement from ...
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