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Architecture in France for Travelers - About.com
Your starting place for exploring architecture in France, with photos, features, and links.
Sacred Buildings - Gothic Cathedral in Chartres, France - Architecture
Chartres is one of the most famous cathedrals in France, and is widely praised for its sculpture, stained-glass windows, and high gothic style. Page 3.
Baroque Architecture - Architecture History Photo Guide
The Baroque Palace of Versailles in France began as a simple stone and brick home designed by Philibert Le Roy in 1624. In 1669, architect Louis Le Vau ...
Arc de Triomphe de l'Étoile - Paris, France - Architecture - About.com
Commissioned by Napoléon I to commemorate his military conquests, the Arc de Triomphe is the world's largest triumphal arch. Architect Jean François Thérèse ...
Gothic Architecture - Chartres Cathedral and Gothic Architecture
Gothic architecture began mainly in France where builders began to adapt the earlier Romanesque style. Builders were also influenced by the pointed arches ...
Architecture Timeline - Historic Periods and Styles
From Prehistoric to Postmodern, a whirlwind tour of architecture in the Western ... to classical ideas ushered an "age of awakening" in Italy, France, and England.
Romanesque Architecture - Architecture History Photo Guide
You may have difficulty identifying Romanesque architecture, which has many ... the Tower of the Basilica of St. Sernin (1070-1120) in Toulouse, France. Photo ...
Eiffel Tower in Paris - Architecture - About.com
The Tower is named after Gustave Eiffel, the architect, designer, and engineer. ... During construction, the Eiffel was considered an eyesore by the French, but ...
Gothic Style Architecture - About.com
The flying buttress, characteristic of Gothic architecture, on Notre Dame de Paris ... In this view of the Sainte-Chapelle in Riom, France (1248), you can see the ...
French House Styles - Architecture - About.com
Chateauesque American homes were inspired by the manor houses of France. Learn more about these French-inspired American houses.
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