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9/11 Architects Involved in Rebuilding and Memorials - Architecture
The AIA calls them the Architects of Healing. After 9/11, these men and women planned the reconstruction at Ground Zero in New York City, restored the ...
Did 9/11 Change The Way We Build? - Architecture - About.com
Using fewer stairways and slim, lightweight construction materials, architects ... New York City, which suffered the most catastrophic losses on 9/11/01, took the ...
National 9/11 Memorial - Michael Arad and Reflecting ... - Architecture
The National 9/11 Memorial, originally named Reflecting Absence, went through many revisions. Why did architect Michael Arad change his plan?
Michael Arad, 9/11 Architect - Architecture - About.com
By 2012 Arad was one of fifteen "Architects of Healing" receiving a special AIA medal for his Reflecting Absence design of the National 9/11 Memorial in New ...
Memorial Architecture and Art: Reactions to Terrorism
Artists and Architects Honor Victims and Heroes of September 11 ... Originally called Reflecting Absence, the National 9/11 Memorial lies at the heart of Ground  ...
What Are They Building on Ground Zero - Architecture - About.com
Lots of people have returned to the site, gone through airport-liked security, and are realizing from the 9/11 Memorial Museum that construction is both above- ...
Why the World Trade Center Twin Towers Fell - Architecture - About ...
To learn about the new building codes and their impact on architectural design, see: Did 9/11 Change the Way We Build? Your Turn Some people believe that ...
National 9/11 Memorial - Architecture - About.com
Sheets of water tumble into two shallow pools at the National 9/11 Memorial on Ground Zero in New York City. The memorial was designed by Michael Arad and  ...
Structure of World Trade Center Twin Towers Pre-9/11 - Architecture
Facts about the structure of the New York World Trade Center twin towers, designed by architect Minoru Yamasaki. Page 2.
9/11/01 - 11/04/14 Photo Timeline of Destruction and ... - Architecture
Sep 11, 2001 ... After terrorists struck the World Trade Center towers, architects proposed ambitious plans for reconstruction in New York. Some people said the ...
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