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Did 9/11 Change The Way We Build? - Architecture - About.com
Find out how post-September 11 building codes and safety laws have changed architecture.
National 9/11 Memorial - Michael Arad and Reflecting ... - Architecture
The National 9/11 Memorial, originally named Reflecting Absence, went through many revisions. Why did architect Michael Arad change his plan?
Why the World Trade Center Twin Towers Fell - Architecture - About ...
To learn about the new building codes and their impact on architectural design, see: Did 9/11 Change the Way We Build? Your Turn Some people believe that ...
Memorial Architecture and Art: Reactions to Terrorism
Originally called Reflecting Absence, the National 9/11 Memorial lies at the heart of Ground Zero. Two deep voids symbolize the Twin Towers that were lost in ...
National 9/11 Memorial - Architecture - About.com
Sheets of water tumble into two shallow pools at the National 9/11 Memorial on Ground Zero in New York City. The memorial was designed by Michael Arad and  ...
What Are They Building on Ground Zero - Architecture - About.com
Lots of people have returned to the site, gone through airport-liked security, and are realizing from the 9/11 Memorial Museum that construction is both above- ...
9/11 Architects Involved in Rebuilding and Memorials - Architecture
A Guide to the Architects and Designers Rebuilding After 9-11. By Jackie ... For help in understanding the letters after each name, see Architecture Acronymns.
9/11/01 - 11/04/14 Photo Timeline of Destruction and ... - Architecture
Sep 11, 2001 ... After terrorists struck the World Trade Center towers, architects proposed ambitious plans for reconstruction in New York. Some people said the ...
9-11 Timeline in Photos - The World Trade Center ... - Architecture
In this photo we see the New York World Trade Center Twin Towers as they appeared before the September 11, 2001 attack. They collapsed before the morning ...
Structure of World Trade Center Twin Towers Pre-9/11 - Architecture
Aluminum and steel lattice formed the facade of the New York World Trade Center. This black and white photo was taken in 1982. Two of the beams were ...
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