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Mystery House #51
Vacation Villa

The Mystery | Some Clues

Vacation Home Built in 1908
Photo courtesy of the homeowner -- Published with permission.

Donna Killiany asks:

"We just bought this 1908 home, but are unable to decide the style. It has wooden clapboard singles on the outside. Inside you enter a main foyer. To the right is a large living room with fireplace, and a small library. To the left is a large dining room. (All are trimmed with wonderful wood, believed to be beechnut or chestnut. The floors are Douglas Fir.) Through the swinging door in dining room is the butler's pantry, then the kitchen, bathroom and a mud room.

Up the main stairs is another bath. To the left are two large bedrooms. To the right three smaller rooms and another bath. There is also a back staircase leading down to the pantry.

Downstairs has 12 foot ceilings. Upstairs are 10 foot ceilings.

We do know that the house was built as a summer home. Any ideas? It doesn't seem to fit into any one style."


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