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Mystery House #47
Florida Bungalow

The Mystery | Some Clues

Florida Bungalow
Photo courtesy of the homeowner -- Published with permission.

Vicki from Florida, USA sends us this mystery:

"We think the house was built around 1904. Neighbors tell us it was moved to its present location (Bradenton, FL) some time in the 50's but have no idea from where.

Florida bungalow interior view  The floors are yellow pine, ceilings are 9.5 feet with exposed beams in the main room. The front door opens directly into the main room which measures 16 x 32. There are two bedrooms and a bath off one side and a bedroom and kitchen off the other. Stairs to upper level are in the kitchen. We think most of the doors and windows are original but have been painted white. I've attached a photo of the front windows.

Any information that would help make restoration historically correct would be appreciated."

Have you seen other houses similar to this? Do you have any suggestions for Vicki as she begins her restoration?

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The Bungalow House Style

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