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Mystery House

Victorian or Craftsman?

• Craftsman Bungalow
• Foursquare
• Victorian "Stick"

"My husband and I just bought a 1915 (at least that's what the historic marker says) home in Birmingham, Alabama. It's located in an urban neighborhood of various home styles including Foursquare, Craftsman, and Victorian, ranging from the late 1800s to the 1930's. Most of the homes on our street are either the same style as ours (whatever that may be) or Craftsman.

Mystery House 1879 - Victorian or Craftsman"Our home is two stories with a partial basement. It has a steep roof with wide overhangs, and a front porch that extends the full width of the house. The porch is original. The house is rectangular in shape -- long from front to back, narrower from side to side. The bottom floor has a living room with a fireplace that extends the entire width of the house, formal dining room directly behind it, and a sunroom behind that. The kitchen and a small bedroom with a full bathroom are behind the living room, but to the side of the dining room and sunroom. These rooms all appear to be in the original layout, and there is no exit to the back yard.

"The upper floor appears to have been remodeled many times, so I don't know the original layout. It currently has two large bedrooms with the front one spanning the entire width of the house and having a fireplace. It also has a sunroom located off the other large bedroom, and a third smaller bedroom to the side. There are also 2 full bathrooms upstairs, but I believe only one is original.

"The dining room and downstairs sunroom have some nice woodwork on the ceiling and walls. The dining room also has original built in cabinetry that's very Shaker-like in style. We believe the woodwork and the floors are heart pine and oak. We are in the process of renovations and we'd love to know what style the house is. Help!!! " ~ASmartChk31

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