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Bellesguard / Casa Figueras

1900 to 1909
Antoni Gaudí
Barcelona, Spain

Copyright © Gaudí Central

Bellesguard, also known as Torre de Bellesguard or Casa Figueras, was built upon the ruins of the 15th-century residence of Martín I el Humano, the last king of Catalonia. More than any other, this house clearly demonstrates Gaudí's patriotism as it commemorates Catalonia's age of glory.

Built of brick and local slate, Bellesguard is a fairly simple Neogothic building - it was built during the period where Gaudí was still developing his unique style but had not yet reached his peak. For example, it does not include Moorish accents and bright colors, which are important elements in much of his work.

Bellesguard - Interior
Copyright © Gaudí Central

The pointed tower, parapets, unadorned iron gate, and battlements on the roof make Bellesguard look like a relic from medieval times. In sharp constrast, the interior of the building is light and airy, like an Art Nouveau villa. The walls and pillars are formed with white, rounded plaster.

When Gaudí quit working on Bellesguard in 1909, Domènec Sugranes, who designed the gate, ceramic benches, and natural stone mosaics, took over and completed the building in 1917.

Antoni Gaudí

Architecture in Spain

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