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Modular and Manufactured Homes

American Foursquare Homes:
Photo Gallery

American Foursquare homes can be found in nearly every part of the United States. Here's a selection submitted by our readers. Can you find the original floor plans for any of these homes? Explore our Floor Plan Directory.

American Foursquare in Denver
From the Sherman family, a 1901 Foursquare in Denver, with the trim freshly painted in historic colors.

American Foursquare House with Wrap Porch

Kay from Michigan recently purchased this Foursquare Home. She thinks it may be from a Sears kit.
American Foursquare home
Amy and Tim sent us this photo of their 1910 American Foursquare. The house still has some of the original slate on the sides of the dormers and on the bay window. The sunroom was probably added in later years.
American Four Square Home

Ann C. is the proud owner of this classic American Foursquare. She is seeking decorating ideas that suit the historic period of the house.

Sears Plan Foursquare House
This Sears Mail Order Foursquare Home belongs to Joe and Phylameana Lila Desy. "Phyl" is the About Guide to Healing

American Foursquare | More House Styles

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