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Bungalow Floor Plans

Use this directory to find original plans and elevation drawings for Craftsman Bungalow style homes from a variety of mail order catalogs, including Sears, Roebuck and Company, Craftsman Magazine, and Aladdin. The Sears Archives present many more designs sold in the first half of the twentieth century.

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Sears, Modern Homes
No. 125 (Eight-Room Bungalow)
No. 126 (Six-Room Plan)


Sears, Modern Homes
No. 64 (six rooms, two floors)
No. 70 (six rooms, two floors)
No. 126 ("$657.00 pays for all the material")
No. 144 ("fancy nine-room two story bungalow with bathroom")
No. 147 (this "six-room cottage or bungalow" looks like a Katrina Cottage


Ye Planry Bungalows
No. 155
No. 251
No. 297
No. 331

Some of the Sears plans include prices for "Honor Bilt" versions of the Standard Built Modern Homes. Honor Bilt kits included better quality materials and more upscale interior and exterior features. In later years, all kits were Honor Bilt. Compare 264P237 with No. 237, The Belmont. Continued Below >>>


Sears, Modern Homes
No. 151, The Avondale
No. 162, The Elmwood
No. 156, The Glyndon
No. 172, The Hazelton
No. 168, The Matoka
No. 161, The Niota>
No. 173, The Princeville
No. 165
No. 191
No. 198
No. 225
No. 228
No. 240


Sears, Modern Homes
No. 400
No. 401


Sears, Modern Homes
No. 145, The Arlington
No. 203, The Warham
No. 155
No. 182
No. 202
No. 204
No. 229


Sears, Modern Homes
No. 264p107, The Alberta & The Wayside
No. 264p245, The Argyle
No. 264p237, The Belmont
No. 264p240, The Corona
No. 208, The Elsmore
No. 264p201, The Hawthorne
No. 264p234, The Hollywood
No. 264p244, The Osborne
No. 264p233, The Savoy
No. 264p217, The Starlight
No. 264p248, The Wabash
No. 264p206, The Westly
No. 264p205, The Winona
No. 264p182
No. 264p228
No. 264p238
No. 264p239
No. 264p243


Sears, Modern Homes
No. C2032, The Arcadia
No. C250, The Ashmore
No. C2029, The Katonah
No. C216A, The Kismet
No. C2024, The Marina
No. C187, The Sherbourne
No. C2038


Sears, Honor Bilt Homes
No. 2099, The Adeline
No. 237, The Belmont
No. 2091, The Brookside
No. 3031, The Carlin
No. 2028, The Delevan
No. 2098, The Pineola
No. 2044, The Rosita
No. 2030, The Saranac
No. 2023, The Savoy
No. 2008, The Somerset
No. 2027, The Sumner


Four Popular Craftsman Houses from Craftsman Magazine
No. 29, Six Room Cottage
No. 121, Summer Log Camp for Outdoor Sleeping
No. 132, Seven Room Cement Bungalow
No. 178, Gambrel Roof and Wide Dormers

Sears, Honor Bilt Homes
No. 3039, The Ardara
No. 3029, The Lebanon
No. 3041, The Rodessa


Aladdin Redi-Cut Homes
The Brunswick
The Cadillac
The Franklin

Sears, Honor Bilt Homes
No. 3058, The Bandon
No. 7030, The Clyde
No. 7028, The Olivia


Sears, Honor Bilt Homes
No. 7031, The Alpha
No. 3048, The Avalon
No. 3081, The Cinderella
No. 8013, The Columbine
No. 3086, The Crescent
No. 3065, The Del Ray
No. 3051, The Dundee
No. 3087, The Harper
No. 3072, The Homeville
No. 7034, The Ionia
No. 7044, The Josephine
No. 7013, The Kilbourne
No. 3053, The Lorne
No. 7004, The Rest
No. 3078, The Springwood
No. 3044, The Stone Ridge
No. 3052, The Uriel
No. 6000, The Valley
No. 3049, The Vallonia
No. 6001, The Vinita
No. 6002, The Vinemont
No. 6003, The Verndale
No. 3050, The Walton

Is your house a bungalow? Show us a picture!

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