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Relaxing Home Design: Involve the Entire Family

Relaxing home design is a family affair


Family Picking Paint Colors

Relaxing home design is a family affair

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From the article: Relaxing Home Design

Designing for serenity is a personal process, but it affects much more than the self. Through the harmonious arrangement of colors, patterns, and shapes, we hope to encourage harmony in our relationships. Every person in the household--children, pets, and aging parents--will be impacted by seemingly insignificant details in the home.

One person's passion for Victorian details may yield to another's appreciation for Bauhaus simplicity. Meanwhile, the architecture of the house may cry out for classical or colonial decor. Designing relaxing spaces will call for friendly negotiations and carefully considered compromises.

Tranquility Tools

  • Select a family color and incorporate it into the scheme for each room

  • Incorporate details drawn from several cultures

  • Create inviting communal spaces to invite dialog

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