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About Your House

Research Your Home on the Internet


What style is it? Who made it? When? And, why? Some mysteries will never be solved, but if the answers are out there, the Internet can lead you to them. Begin with these resources.

Still stumped?

For help with your building and remodeling questions, post a photo on our House Helpline. Chances are, someone there will have an answer for you. Selected photos are often featured on our home page at architecture.about.com. If your home is featured, you'll have an even greater chance of receiving helpful feedback. All answers are posted in the House Helpline forum, so your email address and other identifying information can remain confidential.

I hope you have fun exploring this site and that you find the information you need. To keep tabs on what's happening in the Forum and on these pages, be sure to sign up for our free email newsletter.

For more research tips, don't miss Architecture on the Web

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