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Saddam's Architecture

Palaces of Iraq Dictator Saddam Hussein


Saddam Hussein's Palace in Babylon

Saddam Hussein's lavish palace in Babylon became an emblem of his power.

Photo by Daniel O'Connell, Gunnery Sergeant, USMC
Updated November 27, 2008

It's ironic to note the contrast between the cramped, filthy hiding hole where Saddam Hussein was captured and the lavish, and often garish, palaces he built.

The United Nations has listed eight presidential compounds containing grandiose mansions, luxurious guest villas, vast office complexes, warehouses, and garages. Enormous sums of money went into creating man-made lakes and waterfalls, elaborate gardens, marble rooms, and other luxuries. In total, Saddam Hussein's holdings included about a thousand buildings spread out over some 32 square kilometres (12 square miles).

Here's a roundup of news reports where you can learn more about Saddam Hussein's palaces:

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