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Disney Architects

Buildings At Disney Resorts


Team Disney Building by Michael Graves

The Team Disney Building in Burbank, California by Michael Graves

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Disney is not just for kids. When you visit any of the Disney theme parks or hotels, you'll find buildings designed by some of the world's leading architects.

Typically, theme park architecture is -- well -- thematic. Borrowing popular motifs from history and fairy tales, theme park buildings are designed to tell a story. At the Disney theme parks, the architects may:

  • strive for historic authenticity and recreate historic buildings, or
  • take a whimsical approach and exaggerate storybook images, or
  • create subtle, abstract images.
How? Check out the work of these top Disney architects: One of the best sources for in-depth information on buildings at Disney resorts world-wide is Building a Dream: The Art of Disney Architecture, by Beth Dunlop. This 208 page book includes interviews with architects, drawings and color photos, and a helpful bibliography.

But, while you're admiring the work of these great architects, don't forget to go on that Thunder Mountain Ride. At Disney theme parks, even the roller coasters are artfully designed.

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