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Where are the best colleges to study architecture?


Question: Where are the best colleges to study architecture?

Answer: The best college is the one that has features most important to you, as an individual person. Success as a student often depends on knowing who you are and what you want. The subject of architecture straddles two intertwined paths, engineering and the arts, and most people are drawn to one or the other. So, choose a school which will fully accommodate your passion OR choose a school that may fill the gaps of your enthusiasm for architecture. Other considerations include:

  • Study in the country where you may practice architecture (but travel widely)
  • Seek faculty you admire
  • What is your school's world reputation or rank? A world-ranked institution will attract international students. How important is diversity to you?
  • What is the academic reputation AND an employer's perception of the institution?
  • Who are the alumni, to which you will have access for networking?

In the United States and Canada, more than 100 schools offer accredited professional degrees in Architecture. To find school rankings and tips to help you select the best school for your needs, see:

To find international school rankings, see:

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