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What is a Modular Home?

Prefabrication for the 21st Century


Katrina Cottage Modular Home from Lowe's

Katrina Cottage modular home kits can be purchased from Lowe's home improvement stores

PRNewsFoto/Lowe's Companies, Inc.

A modular home is constructed of pre-made parts and unit modules. A complete kitchen and bath may be pre-set in the house. Wall panels, trusses, and other pre-fabricated house parts are transported on a flatbed truck from the factory to the building site. You may even see an entire half-house moving along the highway. At the building site, these house sections are lifted onto the foundation where they are permanently anchored. Unlike manufactured homes, modular homes must conform to the building codes for the locations where they are erected. Some housing subdivisions prohibit modular homes.

Also Known As:
factory-built, panelized, prefab or pre-fab

Modular homes are factory-built, but, unlike manufactured homes, they do not rest on a steel chassis. Instead, modular homes are assembled on a fixed foundation. Modular homes must conform to local building codes. A panelized home is a modular home assembled with pre-made wall panels.

Modular homes usually cost less to construct than stick-built homes. For this reason, modular homes are popular choices in budget-conscious neighborhoods. Also, modular homes are often used for emergency housing after disasters. Kit homes such as Katrina Cottages may be described as modular homes.


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