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Build Your Own Log Home

Today's log homes are very different from the rustic cabins of Abe Lincoln's day


Cabin, Swedish lapland

Swedish Lapland

Photo by Cultura Travel/Philip Lee Harvey / Collection: Photolibrary / Getty Images (cropped) Log cabin at Valley Forge National Historic Park

Valley Forge National Historic Park, Pennsylvania. Photo by Aimin Tang / Collection: Photographer's Choice / Getty Images (cropped)

Log cabins started out as basic shelter, built from the most plentiful building material around - trees. Though we think of log cabins as being uniquely American, they originated in Scandinavia and Russia. For example, the Kremlin is actually a log building underneath the stucco.

Regardless of their roots, the appeal of log cabins or, more appropriately, "log homes" has endured for centuries. Their continuing popularity stems from the warmth and security of living in a house made of solid wood.

Log Cabins have even gone mainstream with over 50 manufacturers of log home kits belonging to the National Association of Homebuilders under the banner Log Homes Council. At least four log home consumer magazines appear on newsstands, covering everything from buying and building to landscaping and decor. Scores of books have been written on the subject that can be found at in onlinie bookstores.

Designed by professionals, modern day log homes include brand name double-paned windows and patio doors, Fiberglas roofing shingles, contemporary kitchens and baths, and energy-efficient heating systems. Most log homes are built by general contractors who take care of everything from building permits to handing the homeowner the key to the front door.

Is a log home right for you? Read on for facts about log home construction >>

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