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About Your Catalog Home

More tips for researching your mail order house


Catalog Home from Aladdin

"The Hudson" - A mail order house

From the Aladdin Readi-Cut Homes Catalog, 1920
Be open-minded
Local builders and homeowners often customized mail order plans, adding porches, moving doors, and adapting details to accommodate personal tastes and needs. The mail order plans you find may not resemble your own home exactly. More search tips:

Study the Ads
The catalog page for your mail order home will provide a wealth of information. You'll find the original retail price of the house and the types of materials used. You'll see floor plans and a simple drawing of the house. You might even find some construction details and specifications.

Want more information?
Post your request on our electronic message board. Be sure to provide the manufacturer, model, and year for your mail order home. If you wish, you may also post a photo of your house on the message board. To post your questions, begin here:

Does all this seem like a lot of work? You bet! But researching your mail order home is also fun and fascinating. You'll enjoy the journey, and along the way you're likely to meet friends who share your enthusiasm for older homes. Good luck!

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